Kiểm tra bảo dưỡng hệ thống Water Mist System

Chúng tôi cung cấp dịch vụ kiểm tra, bảo dưỡng và cấp giấy chứng nhận hàng năm cho hệ thống Phun Sương- Water Mist

Quy trình kiểm tra Hệ thống phun sương Water Mist theo MSC.1516 như sau:

Water mist, water spray and sprinkler systems
.1 verify proper operation of all water mist, water-spray and sprinkler systems using the test valves for each section;
.2 visually inspect all accessible components for proper condition;
.3 externally examine all high pressure cylinders for evidence of damage or corrosion;
.4 check the hydrostatic test date of all high pressure cylinders;
.5 functionally test all fixed system audible and visual alarms;
.6 flow test all pumps for proper pressure and capacity;
.7 test all antifreeze systems for adequate freeze protection;
.8 test all system cross connections to other sources of water supply for proper operation;
.9 verify all pump relief valves, if provided, are properly set;
.10 examine all filters/strainers to verify they are free of debris and contamination;
.11 verify all control/section valves are in the correct position;
.12 blow dry compressed air or nitrogen through the discharge piping of dry pipe systems, or otherwise confirm the pipework and nozzles are clear of any obstructions. This may require the removal of nozzles, if applicable;
.13 test emergency power supply switchover, where applicable;
.14 visually inspect all sprinklers focusing in areas where sprinklers are subject to aggressive atmosphere (like saunas, spas, kitchen areas) and subject to physical damage (like luggage handling areas, gyms, play rooms, etc.) so that all sprinklers are inspected within one year. Sprinklers with obvious external damage, including paint, should be replaced and not included in the number of sprinklers tested in subparagraph .17;
.15 check for any changes that may affect the system such as obstructions by ventilation ducts, pipes, etc.;
.16 test a minimum of one section in each open head water mist system by flowing water through the nozzles. The sections tested should be chosen so that all sections are tested within a five-year period;
.17 test automatic sprinklers and automatic water mist nozzles in accordance with the following flow chart:
.18 during basic testing, and extended testing when applicable, of automatic sprinkler heads/nozzles as outlined in subparagraph .17, water quality testing should be conducted in each corresponding piping section. Note – should a tested sprinkler fail, assessing the corresponding water quality at that time would assist in determining the cause of failure."

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